Fuzzy sets theory and applications

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Fuzzy sets theory and applications

Auteur Jones andre, kaufmann arnold, zimmermann h.-j.
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Fuzzy sets theory and applications par Jones andre, kaufmann arnold, zimmermann h.-j.

D. Reidel Publishing Co.. 1986. In-8 Carré. Relié. Etat d'usage. Couv. convenable. Dos satisfaisant. Intérieur frais. 403 pages. Scotch au dos des plats.

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(Très rare) NATO ASI Series, C 177. Chapter 1: Some theoretical Aspects. Mathematics and fuzziness R. Lowen. Radon-Nikodym Theorem for fuzzy set-valued measures D. A. Ralescu. Construction of a probability distribution from a fuzzy information S. Moral. Convolution of fuzzyness and probability A. 0. Arigoni. Fuzzy sets and subobjects U. Hohle. Chapter 2: From theory to applications. Outline of a theory of usuality based on fuzzy logic L. A. Zadeh. Fuzzy sets theory and mathematical programming H.-J. Zimmermann. Decisions with usual values R. R. Yager. Support logic programming J. F. Baldwin. Hybrid data - various associations between fuzzy subsets and random variables A. Kaufmann. Fuzzy relation equations : methodology and applications E. Sanchez. Chapter 3: Various particular applications. Multi criteria decision making in crisp and fuzzy environments H.-J. Zimmermann. Fuzzy subsets applications in O.R. and management A. Kaufmann. Character recognition by means of fuzzy set reasoning, J. Mantas. Computerized electrocardiography and fuzzy sets R. Degani and G. Bortolan. Medical applications with fuzzy sets E. Sanchez. Fuzzy subsets in didactic processes A. Jones. Classification Dewey : 420-Langue anglaise. Anglo-saxon

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